If These Walls Could Talk

Published May 16, 2012 by Ms. Nine

Ever watch that commercial where the wall complains to the homeowner about being eaten up by termites?  A setting can be more than a backdrop or a mood setter.  For fun, try treating the setting like a character.  Give it the first person POV treatment. 

Like this:

It’s an honor to belong to Ms. Downey.    Ms. Downey moves like a dancer in my kitchen,  a sacred room where the aroma of bread and garlic are forever baked into my walls.   She keeps my doors unlocked and welcomes everyone, even strangers.   My windows sparkle, clean and clear.  I can look out the south side and see the velvet lawn and single oak tree.  If I look long enough, eventually little Pauline will pounce on the homemade swing and hypnotize me with her back and forth sway.   If only I could tell Ms. Downey that secret, the one her brother is keeping from her.

That was fun!  Share your own by posting a comment.

Thanks for reading.


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