Editing Memories

Published May 17, 2012 by Ms. Nine

     Don’t you just love memoir writing? You go back in time, revive a dormant memory, and recast it into something that’s fresh and vibrant.  For kicks, you share your newly minted recollection with others, people who were there with you, way back when.   You believe they’ll be delighted, but they’re puzzled.  They look at you and say, “Hey, that’s not how I remember it!”

     New research indicates that the act of remembering can alter our memories.  This means that each time we remember something, the memory changes.  Memories are malleable, dynamic, and fluid.  How Much of Your Memory is True? 

     Whoa! Does this mean that each time you take a trip down Memory Lane, the place looks different?  Yup.  So if you visit Memory Lane often enough, be safe.  Take along a road map – your memoir.  It’ll keep you from getting lost and help you untangle the remembering of your memories in the future.   

     So do it now.  Try writing a memoir about a “first” … a first kiss, a first car, a first job…. Next year or next month, you’ll remember it differently.  But when you read it again in the future, you’ll know exactly how you remembered it today.  

     Post a comment and let me know how it works out!


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