Catching Ideas

Published May 25, 2012 by Ms. Nine

Do you ever see ideas float around waiting for a place to land?  I do.   Today they caught me sitting on my deck between dawn and a dark roast.   They twinkled around me, an amorphous entity, swirling and swarming like gnats.   Then they contracted and crystallized into a Memorial Day memory, a snapshot I fashioned into words that became this: 

It’s 1970.  Since Memorial Day falls on a Saturday, a worker can expect an extra day’s pay.   To a high school girl like me, this doesn’t matter because there’s no holiday pay for part-timers.  What matters to me is the jewelry shop where I work is closed, so I’m not working this Saturday; I’m going downtown with my friends.  We’re gathering with other protesters in front of Morin’s Diner to sing Give Peace a Chance, loud and continuous, as the bands and old battalions march by during the Memorial Day parade. 

Suddenly, the ideas that formed a single snapshot fragment and float away in separate balloons, each with its own label –  Woodstock, Vietnam, Moon Landing,  the Monday Holiday bill, and more, hundreds more.  I could catch the strings that dangle from  any one of them before they float out of reach (if I wanted to).  For now, I’ll let them go.  And that’s okay, they’ll be back.

My point – you don’t have to scour the universe looking for ideas to write about.  Relax. Let them find you.

Happy writing and happy Memorial Day week-end.

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