The World of Blogging

Published June 4, 2012 by Ms. Nine

I don’t know….

I was just nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award.   Is this a good thing?   I have no idea.  Accepting the nomination requires three things:

1) acknowledgment from the blog that nominated you,

2) a list of seven interesting things about you, and

3) nominating fifteen additional blogs to receive the award.  Oh, one more thing – you must inform the fifteen that you have nominated them.

This sounds like a chain letter type thing.  But I thought I’d respond for the fun of it.

Here’s the one-two-three of it.

1.  Thanks to Marie Wetmore from Life & Career Coaching

2.   Seven things about me:

 1-     I own the last of the Panthers’, an American-made heavy  metal Grand Marquis.  One day I will be buried in it.  (Why spend thousands on a coffin?)

2-     I play the flute

3-     I taught middle school students for 22 years and I’m still alive

4-     I wrote an adapted libretto for “Wicked” which my students performed (disastrous fun!)

5-     I fell in love with my life-long partner when he broke us out of a locked park using a crow bar and hammer, tools he kept in the trunk of his car.  After thirty-seven years, he continues to amaze me.

6-      I live in an old farmhouse on eight acres of land, the remnants of a tobacco farm which hasn’t grow tobacco for over twenty years.

7-     I love my mother’s visits – she always brings food.

3.  These are the blogs I nominated.   They fall into an array of humorous, creative, inspirational, and informative.   Worth a look-see.
















Thank-you all for your contributions to the world of blogging!

Oops.  I think I’m suppose to do something with the picture of the award, like cut-and-paste it on my blog or something.  I donno…


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