Where Are You Going With That?

Published June 11, 2012 by Ms. Nine

Some writers know exactly where they’re going.  From conception to culmination, they have it all planned.  An outline, a sketch, a full blown idea mapped out and ready to write.

Some of us, well, we just go with the flow.  That’s me.  Sometimes I create the characters first, and later put them in a setting.  Sometimes I think of a theme or a conflict, and later develop the characters to fit it.  Today, I’m not doing any of those things.  Today I’m thinking about a journey, one I will begin in a few days.

I will attend a wedding, visit the setting of my WIP, and go sight-seeing in Niagara Falls – nine days of family, exploration, and pleasure.

As the date of my departure approaches, I find preparing for this journey somewhat daunting.  Like writing a novel, the preparation is fraught with minutia.  Since preparation and planning is not my forte, I feel anxious and apprehensive.  To help me cope with these feelings, I will fast forward and pretend I am already there.

At the wedding, I see my brother, sober and straight.   For the first time in years he looks happy.  My sister is with her grandchildren beaming with pride at their beauty.  At the reception, the father and daughter dance to I loved her First.  The wedding guests blot their eyes.

In upper state New York, I am exploring the middle of the twentieth century during the Cold War and its impact on the most innocent.  I am conducting interviews and taking pictures.  The setting is affecting me so deeply that I weep when I write.

When I’m in Niagara Falls, the last leg of my journey, I am filled with wonder and appreciation.  The Falls have awakened my soul.   I write.

Now, I have to pack.

Thanks for stopping by.


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