Published June 28, 2012 by Ms. Nine

How important is feedback?  If you’re a teacher, you know that feedback is on the short list of factors that increase student achievement.  If you’re a writer, sometimes feedback is like ants on a picnic blanket, something to shake off.  Let’s be honest; we need feedback just as much as students do.

For me, feedback is an ‘A’ written on the top margin, something to tack on the fridge.  It means a reader had responded to my words.  Yippee!

For the fun of it, today I’ll spend my blog time making comments on other writers’ blogs.  It’ll feel like old times as I don my teacher hat and dole out some old fashion feedback.

Thanks for stopping by!


6 comments on “Feedback

  • Thanks for the feedback on my modest haiku. I’ve been blogging since 07 garnering very little traffic. But posting daily this year (a challenge) and since I shifted to poetry the flurry of likes and comments amazes me. Feedback is invigorating and encouraging – thanks for yours. Good fortune with your wip.

  • I know what you mean. There is a lot out there and at times it can get confusing. However, there is no confusion and no learning done when no one tells you what you’ve done. As a writer we need to know when we have work to do but we also need to know when to stop and leave it alone. A word nicely placed here and a sentence that says it all, we’d never know if someone didn’t stop to tell us.

    Thanks for visiting my site and following my feeds. I really appreciate it. Feel free to send feedback my way.

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