Poets and Novelists

Published June 29, 2012 by Ms. Nine

Have you ever considered infusing your novel or short story with a splash of poetry?  I’m mostly a prose writer, but the value of dropping a poem in your prose cannot be underestimated (think Hunger Games).   A poem can break up the visual monotony of paragraphs and thread a recurring theme.

Yesterday I spent most of my blog time visiting other writers’ blogs and making comments (what fun!).  In the process, I discovered a writer of uncommon talent.  Her many modes of artistic expression include art, photography, and poetry.  I was particularly moved by her poems.  Her poetry resounds with raw rectitude.  Rousing and provocative, her verse wraps the reader in layers of meaning that break and reshape into loops of creative thought.   Stimulating!  Check her out at Perle’s Ink.

Drawing inspiration from my feedback tour, I’m posting a poem about writers.

Hey, Writer, What do Your Words Do?

Do they…

build up

unbind, obey


brown nose

rebuke, rebuff

bleed, blunder

roar like thunder

say enough?

Thanks for stopping by!

Next week – summer shorts

Enjoy your weekend and happy writing.


39 comments on “Poets and Novelists

  • Such a awesome and simple post! I love putting poems/lyrics into my prose. I don’t know what it is about it. Maybe because I was brought up with narrative poetry. Thanks for reminding us how great it is 🙂

  • Glad to see you stopped by my blog and I’m pleased you enjoyed my Friday Fictioneers submission for the week. I like poetry, but haven’t written any for some time. This may help me get back into it a bit more.

  • I’ve been experimenting with writing song lyrics and infusing them into my novels for a few years now. It’s lots of fun, and certainly a lot cheaper than getting permission from music publishers to use other peoples’ lyrics! Thanks for this post!

  • I have used poetry in a novel I’m writing. I believe it may help the reader, but it helped me amazingly well. It opened my mind to allegorical avenues for story. My intent was to connect a moment to a mystery, the result was I opened more mysteries for myself. Ask a good question and then find the answer!

  • I add a dash of poetry and the lyrics to songs to flavor my writing. There’s an interesting parallel between creating a delicious meal and a marvelous novel, the melding of ingredients has to be just right–don’t you think?

  • Thanks so much for the review. It’s a year of transition for me, and Jazmine the cat is not much of a cheerleader. I’m determined to retire from the day job by my upcoming February birthday if not sooner. The reason I began posting daily was more an exercise in discipline toward that end than anything else, step 2 is digitizing the slides that survived the fire last year and pursuing a show and/or licensing, step 3 is to send out 1 query a week – haven’t published anything substantial since the Victoria Chimes page in 08.

    You’re right about adding poetry to prose. I added a poem to a piece published in a literary journal – it would have been incomplete w/o it. I’m amazed at finding poetry alive, well and flowing abundantly on the net.

  • A book I wrote for NaNoWriMo (still in unpublished form) used quite a bit of my poetry, actually, and you’re right. It does break up the look and sound of prose. Good suggestion. Oh, and thanks for following my blog.

      • I also agree in respect to using poetry. I just finished my memoir, In The Breath of a Moment, and I used quite a bit of poetry. Some is from lyrics, poets and some are poems I have written in my life. Poetry is finding its way back into many books, even YA books, teens seems to be getting into it. I just started a YA fiction series and I plan to use a bit of poetry in that. Great for poets and lovers of poetry!

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