Patching a Stream of Consciousness

Published July 9, 2012 by Ms. Nine


I approached writing this morning just as I usually do – with a cup of coffee and a stream of consciousness flowing on the word processor.   It’s how most of my ideas are quilted together.   Usually, it works.  I can happily sew a decent piece of writing from the patterns that emerge.   Today, something terrible and scary happened to me.  After spending hours writing a stream of consciousness, I couldn’t stitch a single thought together.   Every time I pulled the bottom thread, the seam gave way.  This happened repeatedly.  Why?  What is wrong with me today?

After reading through at least a thousand words of my own thinking, I learned two uncomfortable truths: one, I need to learn a whole lot more about writing; and two, I’m still trying to figure out the blogging thing.

For now, I’ll keep at it.  What dreams may come.


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6 comments on “Patching a Stream of Consciousness

  • Nothing at all is wrong with you. Minds need time to rest and regain their strength after being put to good use. It may be, that those uncontrollable moments that writing just doesn’t work out, are the days that your mind decides it’s time for you to rest and relax for a bit in order for you to give thought to events that have come and gone.

    Blogging is whatever you choose to create. Poetry, fiction, nonfiction; the list goes on. As every writer is unique, so are the blogs that writers create. Enjoy writing in the ways that you enjoy it and others will surely enjoy it with you.

    • Really? That’s very interesting! We are quite opposite in that regard. When it comes to poetry, I generally have a form or subject in mind. Must be a guy thing…

      As far as writing this blog goes, though, I’m often clueless. A flow of ideas generally helps me pull the rabbit out of the hat.

      Thanks for sharing your writing life, Bill. It’s amazing how writers differ in their approach.

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