Published July 13, 2012 by Ms. Nine

I once scolded myself for using a plot generator and never thought about sharing the guilt. But after reading this post by Maggie Cammiss, I thought, hey, why not?
Try it for hoots.

Maggie Cammiss

Finding myself with ten minutes to spare and faced with a blank page the other day, I started plotting. The outline of the new novel and its overarching narrative has been established, but the story needs a subplot to allow me to explore the characters’ personalities more deeply and examine their motivations.

I idly searched ‘plot ideas’ on Google and was rewarded with a plethora of plot generator sites. Blimey. A better way to waste my precious few moment of writing time I have yet to find. It’s fascinating; a bit like watching an accident on television: you want to stop, but you can’t look away.

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  • plot generators should only be used by people who have no ideas. no ideas could mean literally NO plot ideas, or maybe they just need a hint to push their already-in-their-mind plot forward. as for me…. i’m going to stay away from that. like the plague.

  • I am ecstatic that you shared this!! Don’t feel bad about it, I think it’s a great idea! If anything I would look at this as an opportunity to hone our writing skills: Here’s a plot, now make magic! 🙂

  • I’m glad you reblogged this. I likely wouldn’t have found it, otherwise.

    Ideas come from many different sources. To limit one’s self is to deny the possibility of growth.

    Thank you for sharing.

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