Pot of Gold

Published July 16, 2012 by Ms. Nine

I have four adult daughters who live nearby and often drop in to visit on the weekends.  During their visits, we share many astonishing moments.  I don’t always have a camera to capture their images, but I always have words.  So it is with words that I retain an extraordinary moment that occurred on Saturday.

It was a day when bright sunshine, humidity, heat, and too many puffy white clouds brought on a sudden rain.  First, I heard the drops fall on the tin roof.  It was play rain, the kind of rain that glimmers in the sun like a disco ball and beckons you to dance.  I’m compelled to witness it up close on a porch rocker and watch the diamonds fall from the sky.  My husband joined me to share in the scenic pleasure.

As I watched the rain, a red Honda Civic rolled down the street.  My youngest daughter drives this kind of car.  I squinted.  Is that Thelma?  The car turned into our driveway.  Yes, it was she.  But why did she stop at the end of the driveway, a football field away from the front porch?  The car crawled forward, a turtle’s pace, toward the house.  I wondered if she was taking her time because of the rain.  Did she find it as delightful as we did?

One hundred feet away, I noticed there were two people in the car.  My husband remarked, “Why, it’s Thelma and Sandy.  Look, they came together today.  Thelma must have been helping Sandy can tomatoes. ”  The car halted twenty feet from the porch.  They were talking to each other like best friends sharing a secret.

They waited in the car a moment then dashed for the porch.  Thelma’s eyes sparkled as she fell into a rocker, breathless and flushed.  Sandy shook the rain off her hair.

“Didn’t you see it?” Thelma asked, looking at me.

“See what?”

“The rainbow in the front field!”

We bounded off the porch, craned our necks toward the sky, and searched the heavens for what my husband and I hadn’t noticed before.  And there it was, faint and fading in the distance.

“It was brighter a minute ago.  And the weird thing about it? It stopped…I mean it dead-ended right in your front field,” Thelma squealed in high-pitched bewilderment.

“Yeah, that’s why we stopped.  We were looking at it.”

“Yeah! I’ve never actually seen the end of a rainbow before.  The end of a rainbow! And it was right in the front field!  It was amazing!”

“I told her to ask you for a shovel. There had to be a pot of gold,” Sandy teased.

They laughed, giddy and girlish.  And I knew exactly where to find that pot of gold – home.

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10 comments on “Pot of Gold

  • And some posts make you all happy teary, and this is such a post. 🙂

    I live in rainbow country – I had no idea when I moved to Vermont that it was not only offering me the best maple syrup and honey and starry skies, but rainbows all the time. Now, if they could just get working on those snowbows…

  • This really gets over the feeling when a complete rainbow is seen. I’ve been lucky enough so see where both pots of gold were several times. Though any rainbow seems to get rid of all the day’s bad feelings, doesn’t it.

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