Three Word Wednesday Knocks Me Out

Published July 18, 2012 by Ms. Nine

Today’s words lured out a story I thought had sunk to the depths of dead bottom.    3WW: feel, tangle, shade

She unwrapped herself from the tangle of sheets and bounded out of bed.  Today was her birthday!

“Did you get it, Daddy?”

“Get what?” he answered coyly, “This?” He placed a tiara on her head.

“Oh, Daddy,” she said, “No, the pony!”

“Oh, that. Go on, open the back door.”

Her father rented it for her birthday party.  The party guests clambered about her, a chorus of “Can I be next?”  Her father led the beast for each romp around the yard.  During the last ride, the pony bit his arm.  His face turned an ugly shade of crimson.  Instantly he reacted with his fist, a blow that knocked the stubborn pony on its ass.

Years later, she could still feel the tiara’s comb dig into her scalp.

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15 comments on “Three Word Wednesday Knocks Me Out

  • however, now that i read your poem again. i am kind of horrified for the young girl and how even now she remembers the pain of the tiara’s bite and probably the
    pain of seeing her father’s violent reaction.
    this is why i adore poetry she has so many shades to offer.

  • I am sure everyone has a family incident which can be shared (and sometimes not). Your first written words did not make sense until the memory was revealed. OK we can all laugh about now…even you.

    • This story still circulates among family members and those who bore witness. Whenever one of my sisters got married, my dad would whisper in the groom’s ear “Remember the pony.”

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