Holy Terror, Batman!

Published July 20, 2012 by Ms. Nine


My thoughts and prayers are with the victims in Aurora, Colorado.

When you go to the movies, especially in 3D, you expect the characters to come alive before your eyes, to experience the film in a way that only the big screen delivers.  The action, the drama, the interaction between good and evil pop out at you, a source of marvelous entertainment.  For fans of the comic book genre, the plot and the action are predictable but nonetheless breathtaking.  Not life taking. Not real.

For Batman lovers in an Aurora theatre, a shooting scene in the movie mirrored a real scene when a gunman fired shots and randomly killed fourteen people, wounding at least fifty others.  The gunman’s motives, rationale, or whatever reason you can imagine, is unfathomable.

I wonder.  Why did he choose to be the villain? In his delusional state, did he expect to come face to face with Batman? Did he expect Batman to stop him? Unfortunately, Batman is not real.  But there are real victims here, some of them children.

Please reflect and remember them in your prayers.

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16 comments on “Holy Terror, Batman!

  • thank you for the follow… it is beyond unfortunate, a tragedy that we cannot yet as a Nation comprehend, the prayers and thoughts surround all there and their families and friends as once again needless killings and trauma being witnessed across the world vicariously and once again the unimaginable has happened on our soils… in a theater where people were eating popcorn and being entertained… our hearts are heavy as we try to grasp this reality.

  • Many prayers have already been given, and many, many more will be on the way. I was fearing that my sister, living in that area, may have been a part of it, since she and her children enjoy such movies. Thankfully, they decided not to go watch it. Unfortunately, so many others chose not to miss it.

    There will always be good and evil in the world. James Holmes chose to portray The Joker; the police, S.W.A.T., and other persons willing to take the stand against crime are the Batmans of the world.

  • I read that the gunman had dyed his hair red and told police he was the joker. I don’t understand why some people would rather copy the villain. Lowered expectations.

      • I am grateful for the fact that most schools are on break. I had a similar issue with a local tragedy during my student teaching semester. The planned lesson went back into the folder and we focused on the issue at hand.

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