‘Nuff Said

Published July 31, 2012 by Ms. Nine


Stop me before I wet my pants.  That said, I’ve found the best words for transitioning ideas! Two simple words that when put together link ideas better than gold on a chain.  You want to know what those words are, don’t you? Don’t worry, I’ll reveal them.  That said, you can use them whenever you change paragraphs, shift thoughts, or need connectors.   Want to know the beauty of it? These words are all-purpose.  You can use two simple words for any transition! Yes, that’s right! Any.

That said, why would you use anything else? These two marvelous words will get you off the hook every time you move ideas forward.  Think of them as your personal avant-garde.

That said, I think I’ll put mine away.  I’ll bury them like treasure.  What, you feel cheated? But I gave them to you. That said, you can take them.  Do with them what you will.  Mine will be tucked away in a safe deposit box.


Happy writing! And thanks for dropping by.



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