Mom’s Advice: “You should be Writing Your Book”

Published August 13, 2012 by Ms. Nine

wikimedia commons


What would happen if you suspended posting for a week?  Is the world going to end?

Is someone going to die?

Would you shrink and disappear into the nethermost digital divide?

Is this unthinkable?  Can you stop blogging for an entire week?


This is my challenge.

If I’m successful, you’ll see a new post on August 20th.

Would I finish my wip??

I’m about to find out.



Thanks for stopping by.


10 comments on “Mom’s Advice: “You should be Writing Your Book”

  • Don’t rush the ideas, but write with your heart so you’ll know what comes will be worthy of being written in the first place. — Love to hear how it turns out.

    No, perhaps the world wouldn’t end, but I’m sure that there would be a list of entries waiting to be read. Even after just a few days, I’ve returned to find at least 24 new entries, in a repetitive manner.

  • Good for you. I think it’s entirely too easy to get wrapped up in blogging while your WIP sits on a shelf, cold and alone. Nothing wrong with taking a little break to give that story some love. 🙂

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