Five Things

Published August 20, 2012 by Ms. Nine

“Your book sales hit 1,000 today,” he said.

I didn’t know this tall, skinny man who sat at my circular writing desk located at Barnes & Noble.  I stared at his grey goatee and put down my coffee cup.  My heart beat wildly, and the first thing I wanted to do was write about my feelings.  I jumped out of the dream with an idea.

What are five things that could happen today that would make my heart beat wildly?

  1. My readers will stop in for a look-see.
  2. I will write something worth reading.
  3. New ideas will percolate.
  4. One of my kids will call or come by.
  5. I’ll think of something else to add to this list

The day has just begun.  What are five things you would like to happen today?

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9 comments on “Five Things

  • I read your blog and wanted to give it some thought and probably respond to it this evening… but then awhile ago… I returned the call of a client who I haven’t worked with for a number of years. He very quickly and casually asked if I could help or advice him on a project. “Sure. I’ll go over and take some photos of the building and environment and give it some thought”. I hung up the phone and began pacing. I had just been offered a project out of the blue that could actually change the course of my life.

    What are five things that I would like to happen today? Okay…

    1. Something positive and unimaginable (check)
    2. I can get my focus back on the work at hand. (semi-check)
    3. My wife will hurry up and get home from work so that I can tell her about the call.
    4. My heart would stop beating wildly.
    5. I don’t need another one at the moment.

    Congratulations on your book!! Aside from the unexpected turn of events I think my list would have looked a lot like yours. Have a great day!

  • I like 1-3! I don’t have kids so I wouldn’t put #4 on my list. Other than that, I would like to get a good piece of writing news today, and overall be a good person (i.e. not crabby toward others!).

    • What would a good piece of writing news look like? Hearing from your agent? A book contract? Whatever it looks like, I hope you get it.
      Thanks for stopping in – proof of accomplishing the overall good person part.

  • All are great, but I love your No. 4. It made me think of mom. I will visit her tomorrow. 😀
    I could think of two: 1. Get a raise (not happening though, at least not any time soon. 2. Write a new chapter of my book.
    All the best!

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