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Blogging Sounds for 3WW

Published August 29, 2012 by Ms. Nine

Weekly Writing Challenge from The Daily Post at WordPress.com : blog sounds


3WW prompt: free, affair, expectation

Free from twitter beeps

An affair with the keyboard

Tap tap tap tap

Hummmm of  a hard drive

Scratching muse

An expectation

Anticipation of a post

Like dinner hot on the table


Poetry Lessons Missed

Published August 28, 2012 by Ms. Nine

Lately I’ve been reminiscing about my days as a teacher. I miss watching children enjoy learning by trying the activities I created for them.  One activity we did together was as much fun for me as it was for them.  I’d like to share it with you today.

It’s called “Copycat”.  Think of a poem you know and like.  Now copy the style of the poem using your own theme or idea.

Here’s one from Sylvia Plath’s Mirror.


I am sleek and black.  I have no thoughts of my own
Whatever you type, I save immediately
Just as you typed it, unedited or revised
I am not a critic, only a device —
The batch of nanoes, four-cornered
Most of the time I’m booted, clicking on a desk
It is hard, cluttered with paper.  I have stayed on it so long
I think it is part of my hard drive.  But I flicker.
Sleep mode and blank screens separate us over and over.

Now I’m a tablet.  A woman bends over me
Searching the internet for what she  wants
She turns to those search engines, google and yahoo
I show her favorites and posts on face book
She rewards me with giggles and tapping fingers
I am important to her. She opens and closes me.
With me she has news feeds and weather apps, and with me she
Shuts off the TV, like an ugly lamp.


Have fun writing today.  And thanks for stopping in.

(I would love to see a new Robert Frost in the comments.)

Poets and Novelists

Published June 29, 2012 by Ms. Nine

Have you ever considered infusing your novel or short story with a splash of poetry?  I’m mostly a prose writer, but the value of dropping a poem in your prose cannot be underestimated (think Hunger Games).   A poem can break up the visual monotony of paragraphs and thread a recurring theme.

Yesterday I spent most of my blog time visiting other writers’ blogs and making comments (what fun!).  In the process, I discovered a writer of uncommon talent.  Her many modes of artistic expression include art, photography, and poetry.  I was particularly moved by her poems.  Her poetry resounds with raw rectitude.  Rousing and provocative, her verse wraps the reader in layers of meaning that break and reshape into loops of creative thought.   Stimulating!  Check her out at Perle’s Ink.

Drawing inspiration from my feedback tour, I’m posting a poem about writers.

Hey, Writer, What do Your Words Do?

Do they…

build up

unbind, obey


brown nose

rebuke, rebuff

bleed, blunder

roar like thunder

say enough?

Thanks for stopping by!

Next week – summer shorts

Enjoy your weekend and happy writing.

Intangible Assets

Published June 7, 2012 by Ms. Nine

You can’t see, taste, touch, hear, or smell them.  That’s why, as a writer, you assemble the intangibles into a sensory experience for your reader.    Your tools are imagery and figurative language.

Try this today.  Take an abstract noun (like attitude, energy, gratitude, ignorance, liberty, memory, pride, salvation, truth, urgency, etc… ), imagine how the idea can be transformed into a sensory experience, and then write your images as a list.  Take your list and craft it into a poem.

Here’s mine:


Like soft butter, spread easily

Soft and smooth on the tongue, consumed easily

Like toffee, envious eyes on an empty plate

Poison honey, sweetens and sickens

Outlandish lies

Attractive, a motley macaw

Guess what happened to?

Have you heard about?

Thanks for stopping by!   Have fun writing today.

Catching Ideas

Published May 25, 2012 by Ms. Nine

Do you ever see ideas float around waiting for a place to land?  I do.   Today they caught me sitting on my deck between dawn and a dark roast.   They twinkled around me, an amorphous entity, swirling and swarming like gnats.   Then they contracted and crystallized into a Memorial Day memory, a snapshot I fashioned into words that became this: 

It’s 1970.  Since Memorial Day falls on a Saturday, a worker can expect an extra day’s pay.   To a high school girl like me, this doesn’t matter because there’s no holiday pay for part-timers.  What matters to me is the jewelry shop where I work is closed, so I’m not working this Saturday; I’m going downtown with my friends.  We’re gathering with other protesters in front of Morin’s Diner to sing Give Peace a Chance, loud and continuous, as the bands and old battalions march by during the Memorial Day parade. 

Suddenly, the ideas that formed a single snapshot fragment and float away in separate balloons, each with its own label –  Woodstock, Vietnam, Moon Landing,  the Monday Holiday bill, and more, hundreds more.  I could catch the strings that dangle from  any one of them before they float out of reach (if I wanted to).  For now, I’ll let them go.  And that’s okay, they’ll be back.

My point – you don’t have to scour the universe looking for ideas to write about.  Relax. Let them find you.

Happy writing and happy Memorial Day week-end.

Thanks for visiting!

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