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Blogging Sounds for 3WW

Published August 29, 2012 by Ms. Nine

Weekly Writing Challenge from The Daily Post at WordPress.com : blog sounds


3WW prompt: free, affair, expectation

Free from twitter beeps

An affair with the keyboard

Tap tap tap tap

Hummmm of  a hard drive

Scratching muse

An expectation

Anticipation of a post

Like dinner hot on the table


What Now?

Published August 2, 2012 by Ms. Nine


Has this ever happened to you? You’re typing away thinking you have a great story, then it dies.  Poof!  Gone.  You don’t worry about it.  You have plenty of other things to write about.

So you start another piece, an idea that’s been pinging around in your brain for a while.  After two sentences, you stop.  Suddenly your flash of inspiration vanishes like the friend who owes you money.

You panic. You think you’re wasting your time.  You start thinking about other things you should be doing.  Like mopping under the bed or dusting behind the refrigerator.

Before you know it, your writing time is all gobbled up and you feel like you’ve accomplished nothing.  When this happens, you’re thinking your way out of writers’ block.

Change it up. Don’t think. Write.  Commit your thoughts, doubts, and guilt to words on paper.  Write about the grief of lost ideas, the frustrations of a stumbling plot, or the things you feel need doing.  Write your way out of a thinking block.

You’re gonna be okay.


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Summer Shorts, Part II

Published July 3, 2012 by Ms. Nine

Flash fiction, a genre I’m experimenting with this week, is challenging but worth the exercise.  The fun part comes in editing.  Cut.  Cut.  Cut.

Readers, I challenge you to write a short (500 words or less) and post it in a comment (or link me).  Here’s a link with ideas and prompts: http://www.everydayfiction.com/flashfictionblog/10-ideas-for-flash-fiction-writing-prompts/

If you’re new to this genre, here’s another site with a clear definition: http://365tomorrows.com/03/23/what-is-flash-fiction/

Oh, and there are lots more.  Google it and see for yourself.

Here’s my short for today.


     Marlene twirled her fork in the linguine alle vongole.   She saw Pedro, the head cook, watching her from the kitchen’s swinging doors.  She smiled. If only her father accepted him, she wouldn’t need to sneak.  Tonight she would wait for him by her mother’s head stone, a place her father would never look.  She left her plate untouched.  “My father works late tonight.  I’ll go home and get ready for Pedro.”

“I’m clocking out.”

“Nice job tonight, Pedro.  And remember what I told you about my daughter.  She’s too young for you.”

“Yes.” Pedro averted the old man’s eyes. “I will wait for her then.”

“That’s best.”  The old man sighed, appreciating Pedro’s honesty.

She wore the modest black dress, the one Pedro liked.  Pedro.  His name alone delighted every part of her.  She waited for love with the pain of anticipation.   To distract her, she read the words on the gravestone.

“Loving wife and mother taken by her own hands

Merciful God, forgive her.”

She wished for a word, a mother’s advice, a discourse, an approval, a sign.

An owl hooted.

She waited.  And waited.

If you have some flash, please post and share.  I’ll be waiting!

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